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Water Heater Heating Element

Electric water heater heating element series are our main product. We insist on high standard of material selection and superior manufacturing process. The heating element used for water heater is in good quality and has long life.


All Heating Element Parts

We will keep moving on the business development by widening range of product. We devote ourselves to theinnovation and sales of new home appliances parts.


Electric Heating Elements And Thermostats

The thermometer is used for electric water heater. Our experienced staff is committed to strict quality control and attentive customer service, ready to discuss your requirements and ensure customer satisfaction. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you. We have established good long-term relationships with many foreign customers.


High Quality

For certificate, we have ISO9001, CQC, CE, ROHS, BEAB. For practical, we will do 100% inspection during production and before shipment. 

Fast Delivery

Our delivery time will be 25-30 days after deposit paid. About 20-30 days by sea and 5-7 days by air. 

1 Year Warranty

The warranty of heating element is 1 year. During the warranty, clients ordered from JOULEMAX could get free support.


OEM/ODM service are available for JOULEMAX. Changing Length, Color,Material,Power,Voltage or clients'own design, JOULEMAX is experienced to meet different demands from clients.


Normally we accept order with 2,000pcs each model. For regular model, we also accept quantity below 2,000pcs.

Heating element - Thermoer



Thermoer® has been dedicated to developing and producing electric heating elements and thermostats since 1999s. Our products include heating element, thermostat, thermometer for water heater. And other parts for electric water heater, kettle and coffee machine, etc.

Over the years, we have built a strong team with technical expertise and industry experiences. We strive to assure product quality and safety and serve all our needs of more than 180 customers operating in more than 100 countries around the world.


Thermoer-Part of Joulemax Heating Solutions Co,.Ltd




Offering free samples.


24-hour customer service, replying to you in half an hour.


Excellent after-sale service.

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Composition of electric heating elements The electric heating element consists of five major components: 1.Outer casing 2.Heating wire 3.Lead rod 4.MgO powder 5.Sealing material The main function of the outer casing is to protect and form. The material of the outer casing is heat-resistant and heat-conducting; the function of the rod is conductive, fixed and…
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