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Washing Machine Heater Diagnose Failure & Repair

The drum type washing machine has a heating function in the washing program to improve the cleaning effect. Whether to heat or not can be selected by the operator. The washing machine is provided with some switches and a thermostat for selecting heating or non-heating and heating temperature. The heating and heating temperature were selected during use, but they were not heated during the washing process or were not hot enough, which indicates that the heating function has failed. The following are the causes of incorrect water temperature.

Two causes of heating function failure

1. Damaged heater

Turn off the power, open the back cover of the washing machine, remove one wire of the heater installed at the bottom of the outer cylinder, and use a multimeter to measure the DC resistance values of the two terminal terminals of the heater. For example, the heater power is 800 W, and its DC resistance value is 60 Ω; the heater power is 900 W, and the multimeter tests that the DC resistance value should be 54 Ω. For the parameters of the heater, please refer to the manual of the washing machine. If the measured resistance value is infinite, the heating wire in the heater is burned out; if the resistance value is small, the heating wire and the metal tube are short-circuited.
Pay attention to safety, please do not test with the power on, this is too dangerous for non-professionals.
It is determined that the heater is damaged. As long as the new heating element is replaced, the problem that the washing machine does not heat up can be solved.

2. Heating circuit failure

The heating circuit refers to the wiring and control parts of the heater. In addition to checking the wiring, each control component needs to be checked according to the specific circuit. In actual maintenance, the internal circuit should generally be checked first. Check the connecting wires that constitute the heating circuit one by one according to the circuit diagram (better the connection table), check whether the wires are connected incorrectly and the plug is loose, and if necessary, use a multimeter to check whether the wires are broken. Check all switches and thermostats afterwards.
Check the circuit, please find the help of professional maintenance personnel in time.

Replace washing machine heating element

  • 1. Make sure the power is off
  • 2. Open the back cover of the washing machine. The washing machine (Samsung) needs to remove the front cover.
  • 3. Unplug the wires from the heater and temperature sensor (thermistor);
  • 4. Loosen the nut holding the heater;
  • 5. Insert the screwdriver into the gap between the heater and the outer cylinder. After prying the heater, remove the rubber seal of the heater
  • 6. Pull out the heater and temperature sensor from the outer cylinder.
  • 7. Buy new ones based on old washing machine heating elements
  • 8. Replace with new heater and temperature sensor, install rubber seal
  • 9. Connect the wires
  • 10. Install the rear cover or case
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