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Refrigerator Defrost Heater

The heating element of the refrigerator is also called defrosting heating element for evaporating condensed water.

Its surface load is low, dry burning is not damaged, thermal efficiency is high, safety and reliability, high mechanical strength, long service life, simple installation, according to customer’s own design drawings, technical requirements or Sample production and processing.

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Thermoer™ Refrigerator Heating Elements are custom-built and supplied with voltages up to 380V.


Custom made heaters can be supplied with any requested wattage.




Refrigerator, Freezer, Air Cooler

Features & Benefits

  • Damp insulation resistance ≥ 200MΩ
  • Easy to install
  • Insulation resistance after wet and hot test ≥ 30MΩ
  • Easy to control
  • Damp insulation current ≤ 0.5mA
  • Easy to maintain
  • Surface electric density ≤ 3.5W/cm2
  • Designed and built for safety
  • Operating temperature: 150oC (MAX: 300oC)
  • Appropriate heater size provided for the application and fit


Q & A

  1. What is a defrost heater in refrigerator?
    The defrost mechanism in a refrigerator heats the cooling element (refrigerator heating element) for a short period of time and melts the frost that has formed on it.
  2. Where is the defrost heater on a GE refrigerator?
    Locate your defrost heater. It can be located behind the back panel of the freezer section of your refrigerator, or under the floor of your refrigerator's freezer section. Defrost heaters are commonly located beneath a refrigerator's evaporator coils.
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