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Immersion Rods

Immersion water heaters are extremely useful and a convenient way for heating water. The Thermoer immersion heating rod is a must-have product for your home. 

Thermoer offer immersion rods for all environments.

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Shopping & Shipping

Please provide us with more information about you, let us provide a more suitable electric heating solution for you.

Our immersion rods are used in all regions of the world, and decades of shipping experience ensure that products are safely delivered to customers.

Feel free to ask us for more offers and latest prices.


  • Fast heating;
  • The method of operation is simple and easy to understand, just by immersing the immersion rods in the container to heat the fluid;
  • Light weight and easy to carry;

Q & A

  1. How does immersion rod work?
    The immersion rod is a coiled rod that works as a resistor. Once an electric current is passed through the rod, its conducts heat, thus causing the surrounding area around the rod to heat up. When placed in water, it heats it up.
  2. Why is immersion rod used to heat water?
    Water heated through immersion rod is not uniformly heated as the heating is done through convection. Immersion rod takes more time to heat a certain volume of water than a storage geyser.
  3. Can we use immersion rod in plastic bucket? 
    Yes you can use it in a plastic bucket. This is how common immersion heater looks like. At the bottom you will see a coiled metal rod.
Electric Immersion Element Rod Nickeled With Standard Plug
  • Material:Iron, Stainless steel, Aluminum
  • Voltage:220V-240V
  • Power:1500W
  • Surface Treatment:Nickel plated
Towel Rail Heating Element Rod For Towel Rack
  • Sealing:Epoxy/silicone
  • Lengh:300mm/305mm
  • Power:800 Watt
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