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Electric Kettle Thermostats Switch Assembly

What is the electric kettle thermostat (switch)? The electric kettle thermostat is a device that controls the temperature within a temperature range so that the water does not boil. First, let’s understand the working principle of the electric kettle. After the electric kettle is turned on and heated, the water temperature gradually rises to 100 degrees. The steam generated when the water boils deforms the bimetallic sheet of the steam temperature sensing element, and the bimetallic sheet opens the switch contacts to disconnect the power supply. If the steam switch fails, the water in the pot will continue to burn until the water is dry.

Thermoer provides professional electric kettle heating solutions. We guarantee the quality of the thermostat. It is worth noting that it is recommended to use the heating element we produce to ensure the normal operation of the heating.

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We work closely with you to customize a heating solution for your space. We will perform production, testing, transportation, and maintenance, all while bending over backwards to make sure you’re happy with everything.

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Kitchen Appliances Parts Plastic Thermostat Switch for Electric Water Kettle
$3 $1.8
  • Power:16A 220-250V
  • Weight:23g
  • Material:Plastic
  • Operating Range:20-105℃
$3 $1.8
European Market Safety Thermostat Switch For Electric Water Kettle With Cheaper Price
$3.2 $1.95
  • Voltage:220-240V
  • Rated current:13A
$3.2 $1.95

Electric kettle heating elements, also known as tubular heaters, are used in almost all types of domestic electric kettles. Heating elements have the highest mechanical stability and electrical properties, and such heating techniques are quite mature and can be used universally. 



Rated voltage250V/Customized
Rated current13A/Customized
Max.Ambient TemperatureT90
Operating life10000cycle
Operating life+- 50C
Hi-pot2200V AC 1minute


  1. Suitable for temperature control of electric kettle
  2. The bimetal piece has high quality and acumen
  3. The insulated plastic material could be ensured high temperature
  4. Steam automatic skip protection and dry burn prevent protection for safer use
  5. Reasonable configuration and easy assemble.
  6. Guarantee safe using and good aftersal

Electric Kettle Repair - How to fix an electric kettle

  1. 1. Notice! Disconnect the device from its power source before you start.
  2. 2. Remove the two bottom screws.
  3. 3. Remove the two top screws.
  4. 4. Remove the handle from the kettle.
  5. 5. Pull out the switch.
  6. 6. Check the switch with Multimeter.
  7. 7. Replace the new switch if the old one broken.
  8. 8. Mounting screws and handle part,
  9. 9. Power on.
  10. 10. Press down on the switch to check if it works again.


Structure & Composition

The electric kettle thermostat has two parts: a connecting component and the main body component. The connecting component has a casing, a wiring plug, a grounding plug, a moving contact piece, and L, N contact pieces, a moving contact piece, and a bracket, which are installed in the casing Cooperate; the main assembly has the main body, the temperature control piece, the jumper, the L, N pole piece and the grounding plug installed in the main body, the temperature control piece has the low-temperature piece and the high-temperature piece, the low-temperature piece cooperates with the contact of the jumper, The jumper is installed on the main body, and the high-temperature plate is installed on the bottom plate. The bottom plate is connected to the upper part of the main body. The bottom plate is in contact with the thermostat grounding insert. The insert is connected to the thermostat LN pole wiring insert. The LN pole wiring insert is connected to the LN pole There are an L-pole copper ring and an N-pole copper ring installed on the outer and inner walls of the contact post. The L and N contact pieces and the jack are installed in the jack hole wall of the housing. , Install the grounding shaft in the cylindrical tab column to match the grounding insert.

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