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Dryer Heating Element For Whirlpool Parts

This is a replacement heating element for your dryer.

It’s voltage is 240V/5200W and has 5/16″ terminals. If your dryer is not heating up, the element may need replacing. You can test it for continuity using a multi-meter. The heating element is located within a housing at the bottom of the dryer.

This part works with the following brands: Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Amana, Inglis.

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Dryer heating elements come in various shapes and sizes. They are all strung with a coiled wire made of a nickel and a chrome alloy. This wire receives, but resists, a controlled electric current and as a result, the wire heats up. The heat produced is used to dry the clothes in your dryer.


According to the customer's time requirements, Thermoer use different modes of transportation.



No.Main Parameter
1Voltage240 Volt / Customized
2Power5400 Watt / Customized

Q & A

  1. How long do dryer heating elements last? If the dryer is used occasionally, the dryer heating element should last as long as a well-maintained and cared for dryer, which has an average lifespan of between 8 and18 years. Clothes dryer heating elements can burn out easily.
  2. What causes a heating element to burn out in a dryer? Heating element keeps burning out. There are a few things that can cause theheating element to burn out early. Most commonly it is caused by a restriction in thedryers exhaust venting.
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