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Coffee Maker Heating Element

This is an OEM product designed to be used with a coffee machine.

This component is an important part of the equipment that generates heat. It is the same replacement for damaged or missing components installed on new equipment. The part is made of durable material and sold as a separate component. Remember, the hardware used to protect it is sold separately. Check the drawing and model user manual for the correct repair procedure.

Thermoer™ coffee maker heating element resistance can ensure that the coffee machine reaches the temperature of brewing coffee in a short time, saving time and effort. It also guarantees the rich fragrance of the brewed coffee, thus ensuring the taste of the coffee.
Coffee ceramic far infrared heating element for machine electric heating plate for the coffee maker and water boiler.

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Thermoer have more than ten years of shipping experience to ensure the safe delivery of goods to our customers. We have our own warehouses in many areas. Of course, more is to customize the product according to customer needs.

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The heating element of a coffee maker is a key component.

The coffee heater is placed at the bottom of the coffee machine, which heats the cold water poured into the coffee machine to brew the coffee.

It's just a coiled wire, much like a filament in a light bulb or a heater in an electric oven that gets hot as long as it is energized.

In the coffee electric heating tube, the heating coil is embedded in the plaster to make the surface Rougher.

  • The heater has two functions:
    When you pour water into the coffee machine, the heater will boil the water.
  • After the coffee is cooked, the heater can keep the coffee warm.
coffee heating plate


No.Main ParameterDetail
1TypeLiquid Heating Element
2Tube Material304 Stainless steel
4Voltage220V-240V/50Hz. 110V/60Hz
5Hi-pot test1800V/S min cold condition
6Leakage Current0.75ma max
8Seal ring materialSilicon
9Sheath Diameter6.4mm

Replacement & Fix

If you are an individual user entering this website, and your coffee maker turns on but doesnt brew. Recommend the following video for your reference. If this is too difficult for you, look for help from a professional.

How do you fix a coffee maker that won't heat?

To test a percolator coffee maker's thermostat:

  • Step 1: Empty the coffee maker. Make sure that all the liquids are disposed before turning it over.
  • Step 2: Unplug the coffee maker,
  • Step 3: Remove the base of the coffee maker.
  • Step 4: Test the thermostat's continuity.
  • Step 5: If the thermostat is an open circuit, replace it. Using a multi-tester, check its continuity.
  • Step 6: To replace, mark the location of all the heating element unit’s wires and components before loosening it
  • Step 7: Repairing the heating element.

Can I heat water in a coffee maker?

Stovetop coffee makers can indeed boil water, as anything you put on a stovetop can. They are a great method for boiling water, as the closed chamber heats up much quicker inside. This allows the coffee maker to provide a quick source for boiling water.

What is wrong with my coffee maker?

Here are some of the most common problems that can cause your drip coffee maker to stop working: The power cord or on/off switch can go bad. In either of these cases, it's best to get a pro to replace it or buy a new coffee maker -- replacing it improperly can lead to a fire.

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