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Burn Flame Patio Outdoor Heater

Take full advantage of well-loved outdoor living spaces—from one season to the next—with help from the Burn Flame Patio Outdoor Heater. The exceptionally powerful gas heater delivers soothing warmth that makes it easy to keep guests comfortable, even when temperatures begin to dip. From happy hour on the back deck to el fresco-style dining, the patio heater offers the ultimate solution when it comes to year-round outdoor entertaining.

Simple Start-Up Piezo Ignition System + Safety Shut-Off
All it takes to start the heater is a simple push of the button, thanks to its one-step Piezo ignition system. A large variable-heat control knob allows for low or high heat settings and for turning the heater completely off at the end of the night.

For enhanced safety and peace of mind, the heater also features a shut-off tilt valve that turns the heater off automatically if it tips over.



Patio heater

  • 1- Gas Type: Propane, Butane, and mixtures (LPG)
  • 2- Heat output: max: 13KW (450-945g/h)
  • 3- 304 Stainless Steel burner
  • 4- Piezoelectric ignition
  • 5- With Anti-tilt switch and automatic shut-off device
  • 6- Sectional/4-pc aluminum reflector
  • 7- Wheels INCLUDED
  • 8- Brown Carton. 1pc in 1 carton.
  • 9- CE and ETL certified
  • 10-Hose&Regulator EXCLUDED

Detailed size

  • 1- Total heater height: 2210mm(H)
  • 2- Reflector dia.:810mm
  • 3- Burner dia.: 278*530mm(H)
  • 4- Main pole: φ56*870(H)*1.2mm(T)
  • 5-Tank housing dia.: 378*765mm(H)
  • 6-Tank base dia.: 460*86mm(H)


The 304 stainless steel burner produces a powerful 46,000 BTU's of heat output, You could feel warm within 5 seconds. The reliable Anti-tilt switch and Automatic shut off device ensure that your patio heater will light safely.
Fuel Source

Fuel Source

The patio heater is designed, and safety certified, to run on propane and butane gas using a standard 20 lb tank (not included). The consumption rate is approximately 10 hours on a full 20 lb tank. which is very economical.


The patio heater comes with wheels for ease of mobility. The wheel assembly is comprised of thick gauge stainless steel. The heavy duty wheels are designed to take the abuse of rough patio terrain.
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