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Boiler Heaters

Boiler heater element is a tubular heating element which is composed of a metal tube spiral resistance wire, crystalline magnesium powder and the like.

Products are generally made of high-quality imported stainless steel pipe, imported high-temperature magnesium powder, high-quality electric heating wire and other materials to make heating elements, made of stainless steel to make other structural parts, with excellent overall performance, long life and easy maintenance.

Boiler heating element belongs to Flange Heater

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Ceramic electric boiler heating element

Ceramic electric heating tube is made of good ceramic as the base body, high quality electric heating wire is wound, high electric heat conversion efficiency, fast heating, low thermal inertia, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance It has good thermochemical performance, long service life, high insulation strength and no pollution. Compared with other electric heating elements, it can save about 30% energy.



Wire LengthCustomized
Leads TypeDirect line,SUS 304,Metal hose,etc.
Voltage SupplyCustomized
Total Capacity110-380 Volt
Heating LengthCustomized
Sheath MaterialNickel800,SUS304,Copper,Titanium
InsulationMagnesium Oxide Powder
Maximum Temperature800 Degress celsius
SpecialFlange heating tube,nut electric tube,etc.


  1. We produce heating elements of various materials(Stainless steel/PTFE/Copper/Ti,etc) and applications(industry/electric appliance/immersion/air,etc), according to customers' requirements.
  2. There is huge variety of selection of termination styles available. 
  3. We only use high purity magnesium oxide,Insulation of magnesium oxide offers greater heat transfer.
  4. Tubular heaters can be used in any application. Straight tubular can be inserted in machined groves for conductive heat transfer and formed Tubular provides consistent heat in any type of special application.


  • The delivery time:Sample order 3-7days,bluk order 10-20days,OEM25-30days,Tracking No. will be sent to you after delivery,and you will get every important shipping status by email.
  • The shipping time:about 3-5 days by air,about 20-30days by sea.The express company has strategic cooperation with us,So it's cheaper and faster.
  • Inner packing: plastic bag / cardboard / styrofoam or customized.
  • Outer Packing: Standard Export Cartons Usually 50-200pcs/ctn,or according to custom's requirements.


  • Top material
  • Safe and stable
  • Faster heating
  • Long life
  • Energy saving


  1. How does a boiler work for heating?
    Your boiler powers on and uses either oil, gas or electricity to create heat. 
  2. What is the best home heating boiler?
    Thermoer provide safe, efficient products.
  3. Can a boiler explode?
    A constant flow of gas into the boiler will also cause the temperature and pressure to increase rapidly, which can lead to a runaway boiler. Even if the boiler does not explode, its internal components may still melt, creating toxic smoke and vapour that can prove fatal.


We customize any boiler heating element according to customer's requirements,No matter what heating problem you encounter, we can help you solve it well.
We are not only a professional manufacturer of heating elements, but also an excellent provider of heating solutions,However, The prices were different according to the material, the size, the quantity , the shape, the process and so on! So please contact us to confirm the final price.

Chinese Factory Electric Water Boiler Immersion Heating Element
  • 3000 Watt
Household Appliances Parts SUS304 Material Electric Water Boiler Heating Element
$20 $19
  • Flanged
  • SUS304
  • 2500 Watt
$20 $19
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