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Stainless Steel Flange Heating Element For Brewing

Stainless steel heating elements are a device used in brewing applications that convert electrical energy into heat. It is used for temperature rising, heat preservation and heating of flowing or static liquid, gaseous and solid medium.


Flanged Heater Uses

Flanged heating elements are mainly used for heating in open, closed solution vessels and circulation systems. Usually used as heating circulating oil, heat transfer oil furnace, water tank, oil drum, fuel tank, electric boiler, reaction kettle, medical equipment, chemical machinery, pipeline heating, pressure vessel, mold temperature machine, tank, steam engine, acid and alkali solution tank Use for heaters, etc.

High Standard Material

  • Pure Stainless Steel 304 or higher grade Flange or Screw plug
  • Pure Stainless Steel 304 connected fittings
  • High-frequency insulation ceramic for fittings
  • 100% Nichrome Heating Resistance Wire
  • Pure Stainless Steel  or Incoloy Elements Sheath
DN40 stainless steel Water Heater Element
Stainless steel electric heat pipe industry heater

Immersion Heater Features

  • Samll Volume Large Wattage
  • Powerful function for all liquid heating
  • Anti-explosion or Temperature controlling custom design
  • Flexible  Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Durability and Resistant Building body


Tube and flange material Stainless steel, iron, titanium tube;
Cover material Bakelite, fiberglass, metal explosion-proof cover;
Surface treatment Waterproof scale coating;
Tube process Seamless tube, welded tube;
Temperature control Knob temperature controller, electric control cabinet.
Flange shape Square, round, triangular, shaped, etc.
Pipe diameter Φ8mm-Φ35mm, can be customized non-standard;
Power According to the use environment and the total length of the heating zone, it can be customized.
Voltage 110V, 220V, 380V, etc., can be customized non-standard;
Tube surface temperature 0-900 °C.
Planar flange DN15-DN600, can be customized.
U-shaped tube number According to customer requirements, usually 1 , 2, 3 or a multiple of 3.
Unilateral length According to customer requirements.


  • The working voltage is strictly in accordance with the rated voltage and shall not exceed 10% of its use;
  • The heating zone must be completely immersed in the liquid and should not be placed in the air for dry burning;


Water, Freeze protection, Hotwater storage, Boilerandwaterheaters, Coolingtowers, Solution not corrosive to copper, Food equipment Stainless Steel304 316L or Copper
Oil, Heavy and non-circulated oils, Solution water, Corrosive solutions, Steam super heating Stainless Steel 316L 310s or Incoloy
Light oils , In forced oil circulation loops Stainless Steel304 316L
Light oils , In forced oil circulation loops Stainless Steel 316L 310s or Incoloy
Process water, Soap and detergent solutions, Soluble cutting oils, Demineralized or deionized water Stainless Steel304 316L
Fluid heat transfer media, Tar, High to low viscosity petroleum oils, Asphalt, Wax, Paraffin, Degreasing solvents, Alcohol, Molten salt, Solutions not corrosive to steel Stainless Steel304 316L
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