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Kettle Heating Elements

Electric kettle heating elements, also known as tubular heaters, are used in almost all types of domestic electric kettles. Heating elements have the highest mechanical stability and electrical properties, and such heating techniques are quite mature and can be used universally. 

Thermoer provide professional electric kettle heating solution, buy low price, high quality electric kettle heating element with worldwide shipping.

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Shopping & Shipping

Welcome customers from all over the world, Thermoer™  guarantee the safe delivery of products to customers. In addition to the kettle electric heating elements mentioned on the page, Thermoer™ also provide customized services to our customers to produce electric heating elements according to customer requirements or drawings.

Below are some common kettle heating elements for kettle. Depending on the environment, there are 1 ring, 2 ring, 3 ring, and scissors. Of course, the corresponding switch is also provided.

Please contact us to purchase.

One Ring High Quality Instant Hot Water Boiler Part For Kettle
$8 $7
  • 220 Volt
$8 $7
Two Rings SUS304 Immersion Kettle Heating-Element
$8.5 $7.5
$8.5 $7.5
Three Rings Spring Type Water Kettle Heating Element
$9 $8
$9 $8
Electric Brew Kettle Switch
Custom Made Kettle Electric Iron Heating Element
$8.5 $7
  • Power:1500W
  • Tube Diameter:6.5mm
  • Material:Iron
  • 120 Volt
$8.5 $7
Heating Element For Electric Brew Kettle Heater
$8 $5
  • Tube Material:Stainless steel 304
  • Power: 2000W
  • Surface:Polish
$8 $5
Nickel Heating Element For Electric Kettle
$9 $8.5
  • Flange:Stainless steel 304
  • Power:2200W
  • Seal ring material:Silicon
$9 $8.5


Tube Material   304/316L/321/Copper/Incoloy
Tube Diameter   6.5-10MM
Tube wall Thickness   0.4-0.5mm
Watt   Customized
Voltage   100V-380V
Dimension   Customized
Warranty   Three year
High Pop Test   1500V/2mA/1S
Resistance Insulation   100MΩ MIN
Leakage Current   0.5mA MAX
Surface Treatment   Electrolyte/polishing/electroplate/acid-washing
Hydraulic Testing   8kg
Flange Material   Copper or stainless steel
Welding Of Flange Technique   Silver/Tin/nickle/Argon arc welding


  • Small in size and high in power, the inside of the kettle heating element mainly uses clustered tubular electric heating elements, and the maximum power per unit element is 5000KW.
  • Fast thermal response, high temperature control accuracy and high comprehensive thermal efficiency.
  • Long life and high reliability. The heater is made of special electrothermal material, and the design power load is reasonable. The heater adopts multiple protection, which greatly increases the safety.


  1. What will happen if the heating element is near the top of an electric kettle?
    If you placed the heating element at the top and the kettle isn't full, the water wouldn't get heated because the element isn't there so you would still have cold or at most lukewarm water.  When it's at the bottom, hot water weighs less than cold water so it rises to the top, thus heating all the way through.
  2. What is the heating element in a kettle?
    When you plug the kettle into an electrical outlet, a large electric current flows into the heating element. The element's resistance (the tendency any material has to stop electricity flowing through it) turns the electrical energy into heat.
  3. Why is the heating element at the bottom of a kettle?
    In a normal kettle the heating element is at the bottom so the water it heats rises. It then pushes the cooler water at the top downwards so that too can be heated.
  4. Why is Nichrome used as a heating element?
    Nichrome is used as heating element as its resistivity is higher and causes moreheating effect. Nichrome has very high resistance, hence a suitable material forheating elements.

Install & Replacement

When the kettle burns out, you don't have to buy a new electric kettle, just replace the same type of electric kettle heating element.

tool with heating elementOne:

Prepare the tool, screwdriver, and remove the broken heating element.

ring of kettle heating elementTwo:

Put the white seal ring into the hole(note that the thick side faces the pot)

place heating elementThree:

Place the heating element in the pot as shown, do not reverse, be triangle

tighten the three screwsFour:

Tighten the three screws of the black base as shown (triangle plugs down)

install shellFive:

Install the red plastic case and tighten the 2 small screws accordingly

A replacement video of the other series of electric kettles below is recommended.

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