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Heating Element Thermostats

This is the bimetal thermostat and protector used in water heater.

We have our own material factory, good at controlling the cost and supply chain! Thermostat combine the control and protection function ,it exactly control the temperature.

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drawingShipping & Shopping

Thermoer offer customers different sizes of thermostats, depending on the conditions of use, the materials are different. Customers provide detailed product parameters and usage requirements, then our thermostats can be matched with electric heating elements, of course,
It is recommended to use the heating elements we produce.

Of course, our logistics is also trustworthy. We work with different logistics service providers to ensure that the products are delivered to the customers.

thermostats for heating element
Stem Type Double Safety Controller Geyser Thermostat With Green Knob for India Market
  • Model Number : JMT -01 
  • Work temperature : 20-105℃
  • Length : 270mm
  • Type : Double Safety


16A Plastic Cased Single Function Rod Type Stem Thermostat
$5 $2.5
  • Model Number : JMT-02
  • Tube material: Copper
  • Length: 270mm or as you required
  • Work temperature: 30-75℃±5℃
  • Condition: New Rated current: 16A
  • Type: Single Safety
$5 $2.5
11" Rod Combined Thermostat Cut Out for Water Heater 16A 250V
  • Model Number : JMT-03
  • 16A
Factory Export Dual Safety Stem Water Heater Thermostat Pipe
  • Model Number : JMT-04
  • Length:270mm
Stem and Rod Type Square Thermostat With Overheat Temperature Protection
  • Model Number : JMT-05
  • Tube material:T2 Copper
Appliance Parts Type Adjustable Single Safety Thermostat For Water Heater
  • Model Number : JMT-06
  • Length : 180mm
Electric Double Safety Thermostat 16A 250V
  • Model Number : JMT-07
  • Quality : European Standard
  • Electrical life : 100,000cycles



Temperature control / Overheat protection


Electric Water heater, Electric Boiler, etc.

Temperature range




Inserting stem diameter


Inserting stem length





10A/16A  250V/120V

Life Time



  • Easy mounting.
  • Rapid heat transmission.
  • High durability.
  • No breakdown, no flashover.
  • Every product will be tested, extremely high temperature pass rate.
  • High precision. 
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