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Competence & Experience

20+ Years of Experiences

Thermoer® has been dedicated to developing and producing electric heating elements and thermostats since 1999s. Over the years, we have built a strong team with technical expertise and industry experiences. We strive to assure product quality and safety and serve all our needs of more than 180 customers operating in more than 100 countries around the world.

Unique Know-how

Thermoer® is one of the sector specialists, designing and manufacturing electric heating elements & thermostats on mass scale. Our customers enjoy having the simplicity of one supplier. For both electric heating elements and thermostats. Developed as “system products” tailored to ensure best performance of their appliances.

Shared Knowledge

Thermoer® works closely with its customers leveraging its competence and experience. To provide support in choosing or developing the right components for its clients. And carrying on test and homologation activities through its Certified Advanced Lab.


Continuous Input

Thermoer® has the art R&D Centers and invests more than 5% of its revenue to develop new technology. We have a proven track record of innovative products launch ranging each of our product.

Ability to Respond and Anticipate Customer Needs

Thermoer® R&D Center are seeking innovative solution to meet or anticipate changing customers’ needs influenced by market dynamics and new regulations. For this reason we dedicate human resources and facilitates to searching solutions to:

  • Improve products reliability and safety.
  • Enhance products functions.
  • Make our products easier to install and use.
  • Reduce energy consumptions and environmental impact.
  • To achieve our target, we carry on advanced technology research mixing diverse competence, leveraging our wide knowledge to create value-added products. 
360° Pro Support

360 Degrees Support

Thermoer® supports its customers throughout the development process of components:

Product Design:

We cooperate with our customers to design components, which ensure best performance reliability and safety for our customers’ appliances. We are able to provide any kind of prototypes, realized and delivered at customer site.

Product Test:

We carry on full range of laboratory and field test. Requested by the norms of more than 20 different international standards. Institutes on products designed for our customers

Homologation and Certifications:

Our Certified Advanced Lab is able to homologate and certify any components designed by Thermoer® for our customers.

After Sales:

Thermoer® has a 24h customer center for support. We give advice and technical support for field test to our customers.

Dedicated People and Facilities

Partners of Thermoer® are glad that they don't have to invest in facilities and test laboratory. We provide the clients with technical and international standard competence. And our assets make them enjoy our economy of scale.

Global Company

Serving more than 100 countries worldwide, Thermoer® is able to be always close to its customer, providing service and on-field support.

Quality Reliability & Safety

Product Reliability and Safety is Our Mission

Product Safety has always been a distinctive feature of Thermoer® products. Over the years we have developed and patented components with unique safety standards to ensure final customer largest security in using its domestic appliances. Through our Full Reliability Approach, we make sure all our products guarantee safety performance defined by our R&D staff for the entire course of their life.

Full Reliability Approach

Thermoer® bases its success on a Full Reliability Approach to maintain and further improve its best in class product reliability standards keeping under control. All processes and factors influence product quality.

We research and select high standard suppliers and control incoming used materials.

Through our Manufacturing excellence program, we have developed the most advanced and automated manufacturing facility.

Along with automated manufacturing facilities, we have been investing on redundant quality control system, which test several times products reliability. Over the entire manufacturing process on 100% of our production. With life test carried out by our Lab, we make sure that our products sold are reliable and safe.

Certified Quality

Thermoer® facilities and its advanced testing Laboratory are certified.

All our products received international quality certifications from any major market. To see details please visit our website products section.

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