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How To Use Electric Charcoal Starter Before You Regret

Barbecue is the first choice for many people. In addition to going to the grill restaurant, many people still like to go home or BBQ in the wild. In the barbecue, the most complicated is not the process of cooking food, but charcoal, sometimes everything is ready, charcoal can not ignite, and some caused a huge disaster due to the wrong way of ignition.
It is recommended to use an electric charcoal starter for combustion, only need to prepare charcoal without other combustion improver (waste paper, dead leaves, white wine or solid alcohol)


  • 1. Spread the prepared charcoal in your grill as the first layer.
  • 2. Place our charcoal starter on the paved charcoal as the second layer.
  • 3. Place more charcoal on the charcoal starter as the third layer
  • 4. It seems that charcoal wraps the starter in it, which has a better heating effect.
  • 5. Once the power supply is connected to the electric starter, the starter is officially operational. After 2-3 minutes you will see red light coming out of the charcoal pile. After 8-15 minutes, your charcoal begins to appear some ashes. This means that charcoal has been successfully ignited.
  • 6. Turn off the power and remove the charcoal starter from the charcoal. Be careful, this time the metal part of the starter is very dangerous. The high temperature is enough to hurt your skin, please put it in a safe place to cool down.
  • 7. Please do not use cold water or other coolant to cool down. On the one hand, it will produce dangerous steam. On the other hand, it will damage the electric charcoal starter.
  • 8. These charcoal are already available and can be used to ignite more charcoal or firewood. Start your barbecue party!
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