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Oven Heating Element Parts

Thermoer Oven heaters are designed and manufactured according to the requirements of electric ovens and microwave ovens. They use high-temperature resistant magnesium oxide as the insulating medium and stainless steel as the outer casing. It can quickly heat food in a narrow space. After a product life test of 3000 hours, the product can still work normally and has good safety performance. The oven heating element is installed in the microwave oven while heating the food at different angles for optimal heating.

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  • Power and voltage
  • Working environment and temperature
  • Terminal type
  • Draw a special type configuration
  • Special inspection requirements before shipment
  • We want to get any problems with the heating element from your side. We will do our best to serve you.

What is an oven heating element?

The oven heating element is an essential simple component, and the heating function of the oven is realized by the heating element. So the heating element is very important to the quality of the oven.
Recommend Thermoer heating elements to users. It can be easily replaced in most electric ovens and stoves. The oven usually has two elements: one at the top for baking and one at the bottom for baking.

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